Gals Shout Loud Challenge – What to do?!


We do not SHOUT enough about each other or even ourselves!

Every Wednesday for the next four weeks in July can you shout about a woman who has done something great?

It could be: a family member, someone you know, or yourself anything goes!

💥The main thing to think about is; what have they done for others, you or for themselves that you think should be shouted about?!?💥


You can share this via Social Media (Insta, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on), via the GOL account if you want to share with me, or other ways you can think of.

Please link back to GOL either via @galsoutloud or #galsshoutloud, #galsoutloud so we can like and repost and cheer too!


If we all come together, this can be really great, share as much as possible so we can create loud cheers for each other!

Together we're stronger!

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