Gals Shout Loud Challenge – Lauren Brener


Shout out to the fabulous, intelligent, empowering Lauren Brener.
Not only is she running Duo Creative, with Frank, she also takes time out of her day to think about others and how she can help them progress and succeed.
I met Lauren 5 years ago in my first agency role and whilst we weren't in the same team, she took me under her wing and opened up opportunities for me. She stood up for me and others at work as she saw our potential but most of all she stood up for herself too. Doing so in your mid-20s when you're at the start of your career might not seem like the thing lots of people would do for others but it shows the kind of strength and commitment she has and that she stands for what she believes in! POWERHOUSE!
She pushed me to write an excerpt about myself on LinkedIn when I was terrified of doing so, she told me how good I was and what I could do in the future when I didn't see it myself. Over the years she never stopped being a positive beacon in my life from giving me tips, encouragement and most of all empowering me to really see myself and what I am capable of.
Even now, today, you continue to encourage me, invite me along and look out for opportunities for me. You really are a gem of a woman and I'm entirely glad that we met when we did.
You my friend, might think this went unnoticed but I want you to know about the impact you had on me and on my development.


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