Gals Shout Loud Challenge – Emma

Thank you light

This week I want to SHOUT about a woman who was amazing to me when I came to London and worked as a nanny/au pair during my Uni time. I never thanked or acknowledged that she supported me because even though I knew she did I never had the guts to tell her. So Emma Scott, after 9 years it’s finally time… When I first came to London I was lucky enough to meet some amazing mums who were powerhouses, one of them was Emma, whilst I was working for her and going to Uni she asked about me and what my goals were. Back then, she was the CEO of Freesat and offered me an internship there, she did so for the three years of my degree. In all honesty, it gave me a massive head start over others because it not only gave me a glimpse into the real working world but I also learned some valuable skills which I carry on to teach others today.
She reviewed my CV and gave me honest feedback which helped me get better. Most of all she supported me with my dissertation which I wrote about Leading Women in Advertising. She put me in touch with amazing, senior, leading women so I could interview them which meant that I had a very strong dissertation to hand in.
Thank you, Emma, for helping, supporting and believing in me.

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