• Episode 5 – It’s Not Plus Size It’s My Size with Amrit from Amaretto’s World

    In this open conversation about body image and body representation Amrit from Amaretto’s World chats to Amira about how she is feeling herself and how important it is to have a wider representation in fashion.

  • Episode 4 – If only you believed in you

    In this episode Amira and Vic speak about courage, self doubt and fear and how all these things have an impact on how and what decisions they make in life. Listen to an honest conversation between two friends who fight their doubts day by day.

  • Episode 3 – Gals Talk & Much More Part 2

    In this second part of the new years brunch Fiona talks about the life changing decisions she made, how Amira pushed herself to work through a work block that scared her and the Gals challenges for 2019. Disclaimer: Loud laughs throughout

  • Episode 2 – Gals Talk & More Part 1

    Step into a new years brunch between Amira, Colleen and Fiona and hear them chat about things they learnt in 2018, things they are changing in 2019 and lots of Gals laughter and chats. Disclaimer: Loud laughs throughout.

  • Episode 1 – An honest intro

    In this first Gals Out Loud episode Amira, the host of Gals Out Loud , describes her struggle with getting her podcast episodes published. Having gone through some difficult months she had to make tough decisions to change up her life.