Hi Gals,


I’m Amira a 32-year-old German/Egyptian brownie who’s been living in London for over 10 years. I’m the founder of Gals Out Loud, a podcast and community for and about women. In the last ten years, I worked as a nanny, studied and started working in digital marketing, I also joined the female only choir Lips through which I have found my voice as a woman. Women supporting women is an incredibly empowering thing y’all. Supporting and encouraging women is what gives me the greatest pleasure, I love to sing and dance and jump around my bedroom. 

I hope you can become part of our gang, tribe whatever you want to call it. 

About GOL

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What is the GOL Community? 

The Gals Out Loud community is a space for women to find each other. We want to connect, encourage and support so that we can reach our full potential. The community space is a safe space where we you can ask questions, meet new women and build new relationships. 

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What is GOL MeetUp?

Once a month a small group of Gals meet in central London for a few hours. Every meetup has a topic we discuss, we also have Gals joining to do talks, present something and more. We also have time for general socialsing I mean that’s what this is all about! 

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Whats is GOL Podcast

The Gals Out Loud podcast was born out of the need to hear women, who aren’t yet leaders/successful talk about themselves and how they define their everyday lives. It’s a true and honest chat between girlfriends.